Monday, 14 March 2011

!!! I think its time to discuss this topic !!!

Out of 169 nations in the world - about 70 nations practice this !!! Nations which has more threats are recommended to have this !!! Is this practice to be followed in India ?!?!? Its time to speak out !!!

In many under developed and developing nations, many youngster of age 18-20 are given Militant training for a duration of 18 months or 24 months !!! Now lets see some hits and misses of this scheme !!!

In case, all school going students are given Militant training once they complete their schooling !!!

1. Morality of the personnel can be increased !!! People will become more confident to face the challenges !!!
2. Every school going students will get an additional option in their career !!!
3. By doing so, unemployment shall be reduced - hope everyone will accept that, its the main source of terrorism !!!

1. Every individual will be forced to undergo a mandatory Militant training - which is violating their democracy !!!

Brief Summary

On comparing these aspects, I personally feel this training could be the key element in eradicating the militant attacks !!! I would also agree that, other way of achieving the same is to develop the area which is said to be influenced by militants !!! It is a fact that, many militants have launched attacks only when their basic needs are not satisfied !!! Their anger increases when rich gets richer and poor gets poorer !!! Since they are not able to get their needs from Government, they start opposing it !!! This case happens only when Government fails !!!

In recent time, an article in Times of India quoted that "Nitish kumar (CM of Bihar) is making a revolutionary move by making gundars as business personnel !!! Development in their area was planned and the development work was executed by the personnel who were opposing the Government !!! By doing so, he was able to successfully eradicate Gundars and also make the area developed !!! It is a matter of fact that No human Prefers to fight when basic needs of the self and their gathering are satisfied !!!

So as mentioned above, if Indian Government come forward in implementing both these schemes - Word violence can be removed from the Indian dictionary !!!

Here I would like to make a small statement for the people - There are also violence in developed countries !!! There are also villages in America where people are living like nomads !!! Many of the developed nations have a mask rich mask and they display only their rich face !!! Being an Indian, I don't like my Country to become a developed country by hiding few of our brothers and sisters !!! In my view, India is truly a developed country when development reaches everyone - Hope you educated people also accept my words !!!

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