Friday, 18 March 2011

Thoughtful Entertainment Time !!!

After sharing many thoughtful posts, its just a bit of relaxation !!! This post comprises of THREE Short Stories - which will make you laugh and also think about !!! Also two Ergonomics tips at the end !!!


The Prime minister of the Tang Dynasty was a national hero for his success as both a statesman and a military leader. But despite his fame,power and wealth, he considered himself a humble and devout Buddhist. Often he visited his favourite ZEN master to study under him, and they seemed to get along very well. The fact that he was Prime Minister apparently had no effect on their relationship.

One day, during his usual visit - Prime minister asked the master, " What is egotism according to Buddhism ?". Master's face turned red, and in a insulting tone of voice, he shot back "What a stupid question is this?"

This unexpected response so shocked the Prime Minister that made him sullen and angry. The zen master then smiled and said - THIS IS EGOTISM !!!

******************************** THE END*****************************************


There was one poor stone cutter who was dissatisfied with himself and his life.

One day he passed a merchant's house !!! He saw many fine possessions and few visitors waiting !!! "How powerful the merchant should be?" thought the stone cutter !!! Luckily, he became a merchant !!!

Once he became a merchant, he was enjoying the luxurious life but envied and detested by people less wealthier than him !!! At that time, he saw a High Official passing !!! He was treated with very good respect by all the people !!! So he wish to become a high official and of course it also happened !!!

While he was travelling in his cart, he saw the sun shining proudly unaffected by his presence !!! "How powerful the sun his" thought the stone cutter and he became sun too !!!

Once becoming a sun, he started shining fiercely down to everyone and got cursed by farmers and labourers !!! But he saw a huge black cloud moving between him and the earth - so that his light didn't reach anything below !!! He amazed and wanted to become a cloud and did that too !!!

This resulted in flooding of farms and villages !!! As a result he was cursed by all the people !!! He could realize that he was pushed by some great force - wind !!! So he wished to become wind and did so !!!

He became wind, blowing tiles, roofs and uprooting the trees !!! But he could not move a solid rock !!! At this point he realized the power of the rock and wished to become a rock - and did so !!!

But as he stood there he could hear a sound of hammer and chisel and he felt himself being changed !!!

Rock - the strongest in the world looked down and found a person with hammer and chisel. ie THE STONE CUTTER !!!

****************************** THE END  ******************************************


Two saints were about to cross a river !!! At that juncture a young girl asks for a help !!! She wanted the saints to carry her on their shoulder and help her crossing the river !!! One of the saint agreed to that and carried her on his shoulder !!! They crossed the river and the girl thanked them and left the place !!!

As the saints were travelling, unable to hold his silence the saint spoke out "Brother as per our spiritual training, we should avoid contact with women, but you picked a women on her shoulders and carried her" !!!

The second Saint replied - "Brother I set her down on the other side of the river while you are still carrying her" !!!

********************************* THE END ***************************************

Never pull any object - instead get to other side and push it !!!
Never dust a object - instead Wipe it !!!

********************************* THE END **************************************
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