Sunday, 6 March 2011

!!! Indian Politics XI !!! Players to prosper India !!! Imaginary post !!!

This post is all about pure imagination !!! We are to select TEN best politicians from India (ie. Ruling at present) and send them for a match against World XI !!! A brief description of all 11 players are also quoted !!! Please don't take this post seriously !!! Its to make u laugh and of-course think too !!!


Positive: Capable of controlling the match from DOWN the order. Known for writing LETTERS to umpires.
Negative: Needs a Praising Meet for every run scored.
Demand: Yellow Jersey for all players along with Black Coolers FREE of Cost.


Positive: Never worry about the opposition or even her own situation. She keeps on attacking.
Negative: Even Umpire Should not raise his hand in front of her.
Demand: Name of all Cricket Stadiums will be determined by her and its mandatory that her statue is present in the middle of the pitch.

Kiran Mohan Reddy

Positive: Youngster and fresh to this game. Has new style of play.
Negative: He can split the team into TWO
Demand: Needs everything in TWO numbers.

Naveen Patnaik

Positive: Lot of potential and Resources
Negative: No controls
Demand: Needs Grenades as balls and Machine guns as bat and match in forest.

Narendra Modi

Positive: Has a capability to lead team to victory – Single handed.
Negative: Nothing free of cost.
Demand: Cut shot the team into 5 players. I myself can play 5 times.


Positive: Clear and well defined player known for consistent scoring.
Negative: He should be declared as winner even if he loses the match.
Demand: Will play only with Dhoti.


Positive: Strong batsman known for his PARTNERSHIP.
Negative: Favours Brothers more ( like pathan brothers, hussy brothers)
Demand: Lease period for the cricket stadium.

Pranab Mukherjee

Positive: Seeks improvement points from all.
Negative: Not interested in adding runs from Swiz.
Demand: If top order(class) fails, middle and lower order(class) should p(l)ay.

Mamata Banerjee

Positive: Capable of increasing her talents and capabilities.
Negative: Most of the runs scored will be on eastern side.
Demand: Should not swap the bowling ends. I ll always bat facing EAST.

Sonia Gandhi

Positive: Never loves posts.
Negative: ll give TV to you and keep remote in her hand.
Demand: Rahul (Not Dravid) should be the next Captain.

Manmohan Singh

Positive: Responsible for taking India top in Ratings.
Negative: Plays with a remote operated bat. Seems he plays shot, but someone actually does.
Demand: Never Demands anything !!!

Hope you all enjoyed this post !!! Its just a imaginary one and take the content lightly !!! But there are really few hidden things here, we all need to think about !!! Please refer your friends, if u like this post !!! Do vote in INDLI and TOPBLOGGING if we deserve !!!

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