Saturday, 26 March 2011

Video Call from FACEBOOK !!!

The social network which has attracted most of the Internet users has added one more feather to its cap !!! Yes- its video Calling from FaceBook !!! Do u want to avail this feature !!!??? Just follow these simple steps !!!
Sign in your Facebook !!! Then click here !!! The window as shown below will open !!!

In this, click on GO TO APP button (pointed in fig) !!!

In the next window, click on ALLOW button !!! Its highly rated site (5/5) by users !!! So reliable !!!

Next window may take some moments to load !!! It will appear as shown below !!!

Once done, click on ALLOW button and your account is activated for Facebook Video Chat !!!

Note: Minimum condition like web camera and microphone are essential to avail this feature !!!

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