Thursday, 3 March 2011

!!! Speech by Mr. Gopinath - in My voice !!!

Everyday is a gift we get !!! But many of us reserve today's gift for tomorrow and that is were problem arise !!! The real gift of the day I got today was a speech by Mr. Gopinath !!! This post is dedicated to the LEGEND Mr. Gopinath !!! I have just shared his points in my own style and mild alterations !!!
Without wasting any time let me start sharing some of my borrowed thoughts !!!

India will be supremo in 2020 !!!

This is the topic taken by him for first phase of discussion !!! Its a vision of our Honourable Ex-President Mr. A.P.J.Kalam !!! But how many of us do know the actual meaning of this phrase !!!???

2020 here means not the year 2020 !!! Its something different !!!

Generally a man (boy) is prepared for 20 years and his talents are exhibited for Nation's development !!! Whereas a Girl of same age is used for different purpose !!! She is been prepared for cooking and other purpose and her talents are not utilized fully for Nation's development !!!

Now - 2020 means a boy of age 20 years and a girl of age 20 years should unitedly work for the development of Nation !!! In this case, India becomes Supremo !!!

Civilization VS Modernization

Many of us confuse this phrases often !!! In most cases both these phrases are misused !!! 

Civilization means Updating in lines of our own culture !!!

Modernization means adopting our self to  developed culture !!! 

Now in brief, India is example of both Civilization and Modernization !!!

You know - World's sexiest dresses are "Saree and Dhoti " !!! These both have no buttons or hooks or any fitting !!! World is amazed to see such a costume !!! All other costume in world needs some fittings, except these two !!!

Indian Market !!!

India has the largest customer market in the World !!! 54 Crore people are in the state of customers today !!! But is Indian market taking advantage of that !!?!?!?

Indian tele-communication market is the World's fastest growing market !!! 58.17 % of Indians are accessing Mobile phones !!! How many mobile handsets manufacturing companies have originated from India ?!!?

India is leading the World with highest number of films released per year !!! But all the equipment used for making the film were exported !!!

NASA constitutes majority of Indians !!! MICROSOFT constitutes majority of Indians !!! Every leading organization in the World has an Indian in top position !!! But why not an Indian manage the show !!!

In the recent survey, it was shown that India lacks in Middle level managers !!! Entrepreneurs need to emerge out !!! Why can't we rule the World when we are the key for rulers !!?!?!

Foreigners were able to market PIZZA in our market !!! Generally Indian tradition is to eat food full boiled or baked /fried !!! This pizza owners were able to change our food style !!! This has come to stay in India !!! Why can't we market our Indian food product in World Level ?!?!

A recent survey says - Most preferred dish by most people in the World is MASALA DOSA !!! 72% of people voted in favour of Masala Dosa !!! Why can't we market it to the World !!!

BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) report states that India will be the THIRD Supreme power in 2040 and SECOND Supreme power in 2050 !!! 

I think, I could conclude today's session here !!! ll continue in this regard in my next post and also post the direct link to download his videos !!! Hope this post was useful and made you think in a creative way !!! Please recommend your friends if you like this blog !!! Do vote in INDLI and TOPBLOGGING if you like !!!

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