Wednesday, 2 March 2011

!!! Something Special to know !!! Costliest Indian Wedding !!!

Indian wedding style is always said to be costlier, hence its called BIG FAT INDIAN WEDDING !!! A recent survey in 2010 quotes that Indians spent more than 50,000 Crores /year for wedding purpose !!! But here comes MASTER of all Indian weddings !!!

This prestigious event took place on 01/03/2011 !!! Would u believe it or not, a poor leader from the ruling congress Government has spent just 250 Crores for his son's marriage !!! His son of age 26, was married to a daughter of Independent MLA who is of same age !!!

A chopper, of worth 21 crores (only) was given as dowry to the groom !!! This incident took place in presence of all leading politicians and police officials !!! It could take place only in India !!!

Nearly 15,000 people attended the marriage and everyone were gifted with silver biscuit worth just Rs.11,000 !!!

All names of guest were placed in a chit and lucky draw was held !!! Lucky winner was rewarded with TATA NANO Car !!!

Its a Hindu tradition of taking AARTHI in marriages !!! Groom used to drop some cash for people who takes AARTHI !!! This event too took place here !!! Groom gifted Just 2.5 Crore to the ladies who took AARTHI !!! ( I could hear many ladies screaming that I have just missed the chance)

Now lets come to catering department !!! Food stuffs were of International standards and most of the variety of dishes in the world were made available !!!

Now our learning from the above marriage !!!

The below quoted sentence was said by Our honourable Union Food and Consumer affair Minister

"The Government of India plans to introduce a bill before parliament, limiting the amount of food dished out to guests at lavish weddings that account for nearly 15% of India’s total food-grain waste. “We believe we can preserve food grains for the poor and needy of this country by restricting its use at such extravagant and luxurious social functions.” 

Everyone in India knows that giving and taking Dowry is a crime as per Indian Law !!!

Now come important question !!! Where gone CBI and INCOME TAX Department !?!?!?!?!?

Now to make us realize how much value does 250 Crores have - Here are some trivia !!!

Its more than annual GDP of Lakshadeep !!!

You can buy 6,250 ALTO Cars and gift 2 cars / family to entire JAUNPUR village - Native of the groom !!!

You know the Monthly Income of a MLA is approximately Rs. 46,600 !!!

In that case, it would have taken 4,470 years for a person to earn 250 crores !!!

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  1. Guys pls vote for this Glorious Gentleman in the next election too... He has lots to do... for his daughter's marriage tooo

  2. Indians are not lucky enough to see his daughter's marriage !!! Since he doesn't have a daughter !!!