Tuesday, 1 March 2011

!!! 2 - Step Verification !!! Attention G-Mail Users !!!

Nowadays Email id's are been hacked for sending some promotional mails !!! There are few occasions when I got a mail from my friend when he was sitting next to me !!! Mostly the content of such mails will be a link !!! In this post, lets see in detail how to protect our ID from such hackers !!!

As mentioned, this post in exclusively for GMAIL Users !!!

Step 1 : Log into your GMAIL account and open "Google Account Settings" (Setting - > Accounts and Imports -> Other Google Account Settings). Once done, you will find a window as shown below !!!

Step 2 : Click on "Using 2-Step Verification" as highlighted in figure above !!! Once done you will find a window as shown below !!!

Step 3 : Click on "Set up 2-Step Verification" button !!! Now you will be asked to select your mobile type !!! (As shown below)

Step 4 : If u have Blackberry / Iphone select your model or else select OTHER PHONES from drop down list box !!!

Step 5 : Enter your mobile number and click on Send Code button !!! You will receive a code in next 5 minutes !!! Enter that code in the box pointed and click on verify button !!! Then proceed with Next !!!

Step 6 : Now a window as shown above will be shown !!! Click on Next to proceed to next step !!!

Step 7 : In this window you will find some "Back Up Verification Codes" !!! Make a note of that codes, since they are to be used in case your mobile gets stolen !!! Then tick the check box and click next !!! You will see the window shown as below !!!

Step 8 : Click on "Turn on 2-step Verification" button to stay protected from hackers !!!

Hope the entire process would have took 15 minutes of your time !!! But these 15 minutes can help you to stay protected from hackers !!!

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  1. This is really useful.... Is there any security like this for Yahoo????