Wednesday, 16 March 2011

!!! Mypeople - Lets make them our people !!!

TIME !!! The most crucial factor in our life time !!! All of us have many plans - but hardly execute them !!! The reason behind this is LACK OF TIME !!! We people prioritize our tasks and we often spend negligible time towards Charity and Helping the needy !!! Many of us would be in a state to donate towards a charity, but we never do it doubting its reliability !!!

“MYPEOPLE” is a charitable Foundation doing charitable service across India. The primary purpose of this charitable organization is to help the poor and needy people and thereby serving our country.

MYPEOPLE was established on 03-03-03.
"MYPEOPLE” is a registered charitable service.
"MYPEOPLE” is a 8 year Old Organization.

There are THREE Orphanages run by MYPEOPLE !!! The children in this orphanage come from poor families !!! Some of them have either / neither of their parents !!!
In Nagercovil Orphanage - 26 students, at present !!!
In Chattisgarh Orphanage - 10 students, at present !!!
In UP Orphanage - 6 students, at present !!!
Other than this, Mypeople organization also has various programs on
1. Employing differently abled !!!
2. Donating your Organs !!!
3. Blood Donation Details !!! 
Director of this mypeople group is Mr. Daniel Jeganathan - Marketing Manager, HCL !!! He has found time to help people !!! Some kind hearted people can contribute to this group and also recommend the same to your friends and relative circle !!! You can trust us !!! All your contributions will be spent in honest way !!! Also you will get an income tax exemptions for the contributions you make !!! 
I trust that there is no need to convince you people to join this, because its not my organization but its OUR organization !!!
Statistics says - One of every Indian child is well educated !!! This means that other NINE have sacrificed their education for one single personnel !!! Hence it becomes a prime duty for a personnel to work for development of those who sacrificed for him too !!!
For any details regarding mypeople and its wings, do write to Mr. Daniel Jagenathan !!! His contact details are given below !!! 
Contact Details :
Email :        
+91 9962030363 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            +91 9962030363      end_of_the_skype_highlighting.
Even if one personnel come forward to donate, I will be the happiest man in the world !!!
You can join MYPEOPLE just by clicking here !!! Your small donation or your referral can make a huge difference in a child's life !!!

Note : Please send a mail to once you donate to MYPEOPLE Organization (with account number and amount) !!! This will facilitate us to provide u an acknowledgement slip !!!
Hope this post was useful !!! Please refer your friends and relatives to MYPEOPLE and make lets take pride in saying Orphanage children are MYPEOPLE !!!

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