Monday, 28 March 2011

Mobile Phone - Its not just a toy ?!!?

There are numerous cases about blast of mobile phones !!! India leads the World in number of mobile explosion !!! Its mainly because Mobile phones have now become integral part of our life !!! But do we know the hazards associated with it !!! Is our method of handling mobile phone matches its standards !??! This post is all about mobile phone explosions and some tips to avoid it !!!
India is second largest Mobile user in the World (Next to china)!!! About 771 Million people are said to posses a mobile phone !!! Many hand sets providers could be found in India and the list keeps growing day by day !!!

Now, we people have got our own mobile phone- but do we use it in the way it should be ?!??!! I have seen many of my friends passing mobile phones by throwing !!! Even I have done the same !!! But do we know the hazard involved in it !!! The Lithium Ion batteries used in conventional mobile phones can get bulged in case of over charging and can start leaking acid in case of repetitive fall !!! Nowadays Lithium Polymer batteries have come into practice !!!

A study says that bulged battery has more probability of getting blasted !!! Nowadays many educated people who have awareness about International news even, prefer to buy sub-standard batteries for their mobile phones !!!

The battery we use must be tested for its safety !!! Sorry to say this phrase - check for European Standard (as shown in fig) since they consider safety factor to good extent !!!

Buying a mobile does not mean that it could be used all through our life time !!! Study says that Lithium battery life starts to decrease from the time of manufacturing !!! Ideally speaking Lithium Ion and Lithium polymer battery have a normal life time of 300 to 500 charging cycles !!! Roughly, 2-3 Years !!!

What will happen if we use the battery for more than 3 years !?!?!?

Our battery starts to get heated up rapidly !!! This heating phenomenon vent some hot gases which can cause some serious health related issues !!!

Our battery can get bulged !!! In this case, explosion of battery has high probability !!!

In the above mentioned cases, we need to replace our mobile battery but not with sub standard one !!! The replacement battery shall have symbol as shown in figure to ensure its quality !!!

Pass this news to your friends and relatives !!! Please create awareness to illiterate people in this regard !!! Because nowadays mobile phone is in everyone pocket and its wrong usage could result in disaster !!!

I am amazed why our media is not interested in educating people in this regard !!!??

I know that there is nothing new in this post !!! But its always nice to know that someone, somewhere care for us !!! This is the care I have on my society !!! My job is not done unless its communicated to each and every mobile user in the World !!! Hope you people would join me in this noble cause !!! Please recommend this blog to your friends and relatives !!! Do vote in INDLI, if we really deserve !!!

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