Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Nepotism + Betrayal = Politics !!!

On seeing the title, please don't imagine that this post is about Indian / International Politicians !!! It is about the politics that every individual faces when he enters his office !!! You would have experienced it !!! I have experienced it !!! Atleast let the future generation be aware of the situation and prepare themselves to tackle the same !!!
I need to make one thing very clear !!! Politics in office is mainly because of EGO !!! Generally these Ego problems are more in offices !!! This is because people have more time to think about others !!!

I was reading a article !!! It was about a young employee (fresher) enters his office for very first day !!! Any such person will have big dreams and he will be urging to prove his talents !!! In this situation, when he approaches his superior with any innovative idea, probability of getting rejected is more !!! There could be two reasons for this rejection !!!

Firstly, His innovative idea was not practically possible for implementation !!!

Secondly, His boss might have thought that his sub-ordinate is over whelming him !!!

Study says that, most of Indian managers have second mentality !!! We all restrict ourself by restricting our thoughts !!! The exposure a young guy gets and a older person gets is totally different !!! Youngsters can Google anything by their way !!!

Also I would like to advice youngsters that change is easy to speak !!! But its too difficult to implement !!!

For an example - if you have a habit of wearing wrist watch on your left hand, just try it wearing in your right hand for a day !!! I am damn sure, I can't be comfortable with it and obviously you too would be like me !!!

Its like that !!! Changing  the people's behaviour is not a easy joke !!! We youngsters need every individual to upgrade to our standard in our field of expertise !!! But we should also realize that, there is something in them for which they are also employed in such a position !!!

One more problem which every fresher face is level of friendliness which we need to maintain with colleagues !!! In college days friends maintain no border !!! We play with our friends without any limitations !!! But in office we need to draw margins and define our relationship !!! Many of freshers forget to do this !!! We mingle with all people equally without differentiating their cadre and this results in good relationship with people of our level and below our level !!!

Its too good to maintain relation with our people !!! But when we expect our managers to do the same, real problem starts !!! We start comparing our behaviour with our sub ordinates to our superior's behaviour with us !!! This gives us an idea that our superior is less concerned towards us or employee gets de-motivated !!!

Actually speaking, how can your superior be mistaken for the fault done by you  ?!?! Its your rights to give too much privilege to your sub ordinate !!! But its totally un-fair in expecting the same from your superior !!!

When a person realizes it, many try to change their way of approach !!! As a result they also loose the place in heart of their sub-ordinate !!! I have heard many people saying that, " He has totally changed !!! HE was very kind at the start of his carrier but now his total behaviour has changed !!!"

My sincere advice to anyone who join any organization is - "Have good relation with everyone but believe noone" !!! Also maintain your self respect and dignity !!! Never compromise your true value by comparing with other !!! There is noone in the world to perform your job better than you !!!

We might feel frustrated when our work gets no reward !!! But never work for rewards !!! My boss uses this phrase often !!! Never work for other's appreciation !!! Work to satisfy yourself !!!

Nepotism and Betrayal are integral part of office politics !!! We younger generation take a oath that we don't practice these in our life !!! We are the future !!! So if we decide to work against it, may be these words could be removed from the dictionary in the near future !!!

Every human has a dream !!! Every human has a futuristic goal !!! Every human has a right to smile !!! Lets not deny the basic facts !!! Lets act in a HUMANISTIC way !!!

Hope this post bought some awareness about real day to day politics !!! Please suggest this blog to your friends and relatives !!! Do vote in INDLI, if we deserve !!!

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  1. I agree with your view regarding office politics and it's common everywhere.