Friday, 4 March 2011

!!! March 4 - Can it make us SUPREME POWER !!!???

There are many days celebrated in India !!! But only few days are Observed !!! National Safety Day is one such observation !!! In this post, we can just see in brief about National Safety day and its significance !!!

Why March 4 for Safety Day ?!?!?

After Independence Industrialization in India was increasing exponentially !!! Since we were not a developed Nation on that course of time, we were not having relevant technologies !!! Human labour / Manual working methodology was the only means of Industrialization !!! As a end result, many industries were successfully brought up in India !!! But, it also took life of hundreds of people as its pay !!!

Its said that accident rate was very high during that period of time !!! This made union labour minister to think in the formation of Safety Council which will campaign accident prevention principles !!! Four years later, National Safety Council was set up by ministry !!! It was done on 4th March 1966 !!!

Subsequently, 4th March was declared as the National Safety Day from the year 1972 !!! Today we celebrate 40th National Safety Day !!!

Now few things to know on this day !!!

We should confess that India is not the best in maintaining Accident Statistics !!! Statistics of the year 2005 are the latest release on Indian Government !!!

In the year 2001, there were 627 fatalities at the frequency of 0.07/Lakh Man hours Worked !!!

In the year 2002, there were 540 fatalities at the frequency of 0.13/Lakh Man hours worked !!!

In the year 2005, there were 301 fatalities at the frequency of 0.08/Lakh Man hours worked !!!

Is this statistics True !!!

I would like to bring your kind notice that all the numbers mentioned above are not even 50% of the actual figures !!! Most number of workplace accidents take place in Construction Site !!! The numbers mentioned above are exclusive of Construction Site !!!

I would just give you a shocking figure !!! 75% of accidents happen in construction !!! That means the above mentioned numbers are just 25% of the actual status !!!

In 1990, a survey was done by UN !!! It states that, Indians don't know their actual value !!!

In 2003, the same survey states that Indian problem is they have no confidence in their job !!!

Here I would like to interconnect both these things with Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs !!!

In 1990, India was in bottom most portion !!! All we needed was food, shelter and cloth !!! It was a time when an engineering graduate was hired for very cheap salary !!! At this time, worker was even ready to do a job which involves life risk for his family !!!

It took 56 years for an Indian to think about the next stage !!! Safety and Security !!! Now workers started thinking that, if something happens to me - then my family becomes orphan !!! He now searches for his life safety and his job security !!!

BRIC report (as mentioned in previous report) says India is to become a supremo in the near future !!! But still we are in second step of the needs !!! Till date we have huge number of fatalities in Indian industries / constructions !!!

I never mean to say that there is no accident taking place in abroad !!! There is !!! But the frequency matters !!! Every SIX minutes an Indian dies in a road accident !!! Its really shocking !!!

Safety is a civilization !!! Don't see safety as modernization !!!

Biggest problem in India is both Civilization and Modernization is at its peak in India !!! No-one reminds us to wear good clothes while going out !!! Then why should a person instruct you to wear helmet !!!?!? Wearing clothes is our culture !!! Wearing helmet is a civilization !!! We are refining ourself in order to protect against the potential dangers !!!

Finally, its very easy to ask - what an individual can do to correct these things !? But if every individual correct themselves, India will be corrected !!! Its not that I have said something unknown to you !!!

Everyday when I start from my home, my mother used to say - Be careful on roads !!! Drive slowly !!! Most of your mother/father will do the same !!! Its not something new to us !!! But its the affection and love they have on us !!! This post is also the affection and love I have on India and Indians !!!

Hope this post has generated some under currents in your mind !!! Sorry for handling very serious topic !!! But my intention was to create some thought in your brain !!! Please do refer your friends to this blog if u like !!! Do vote in INDLI and TOPBLOGGING !!! Meet u soon !!!

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