Tuesday, 8 March 2011


This post is to create awareness about our LUCKY SURVIVAL everyday !!! We people take more chances in our life, trusting our luck !!! But if Luck fails, EVEN OUR LIFE MAY END !!! 
Today’s post is all about GAS CYLINDERS !!! I dedicate this post to all those people who lost their life and wealth during recent Mumbai Fire accident !!!

Gas Cylinder is a pressurized vessel in which Gas is stored !!! For residential purpose we store LPG(Liquid Petroleum Gas) as a fuel for cooking !!! Now we are to discuss few adverse effect of a Gas cylinder !!!
We have a valve in every Gas cylinder !!! To protect the valve from damage, we have a valve cap and also a RING over and above the valve area !!! Its used in India for lifting purpose !!! But its main use is to protect damage of valves !!!

We people store cylinders one above the other- which is wrong practice !!! I have even seen many Gas agencies storing their cylinders at the corner of the road !!! They are the people who need to educate us – but they themselves don’t know how dangerous it could be !!! Gas Cylinders when stored in open sunlight may get busted due to excessive heat !!! So its advisable to store it away from sunlight !!!

Now What’s so important about Valves of a cylinder ?! Why it needs this much protection ?!
Valve of a cylinder is protected because, Once this valve gets damaged or hit cylinder may act LIKE A MISSILE !!! It is proven that when cylinder falls down and its nozzle gets disturbed, it acts like a missile !!! It is nothing lesser than the missile in Indian army !!!

Now second case – Cylinder has fallen down, damage to valve has happened !!! But cylinder is EMPTY !!! That time it could not act like missile !!! But we never discard used cylinder !!! We return it back to dealer and dealer fills it back and sends back to market !!! At this point of time, If such a cylinder with damaged valve is been disturbed slightly – it MAY EXPLODE !!!

Many of us carry cylinders in bikes or by manual lift !!! Assume that till today we are lucky enough to survive !!! Also mind that luck may not favour every time !!! Stop blaming Luck and seek the way to improve !!!

Now what is the relation between above details and Mumbai Fire accident?!?!

Generally Gas cylinders are not given to people who stay in HUTS !!! It is not because they should not use – but it is because it is not safer to use !!! It could have been a small fire accident in case there were no Gas cylinders present in that huts !!! But since 5-6 huts were having Gas cylinders, 5-6 missiles were launched and this resulted in major disaster !!!

To avoid this problem, Government is trying to supply gas by direct piping to our door steps !!! It has been implemented in several developed countries and many cities of India !!! Hope this system assures more protection to we people !!!

Is this PIPELINE system safer ?!? In that case, fire in a single house may be transmitted to all the people who are connected via this pipeline !!! Think about this, I will answer this question also in my upcoming posts !!!

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