Sunday, 27 March 2011

Mohali - Something even more than C-R-I-C-K-E-T !!!

India Vs Pakistan - its never a cricket match !!! Be it a bilateral or triangular series, u can cut the tension with knife !!! But this time it is World Cup Semi Finals !!! This post is about something more important to know about this match !!!
Firstly, Indian Intelligence has warned that attack may happen in Mohali Cricket Ground and hence Security has been tightened !!!

Secondly, Is this improper planning ?!?! The capacity of Mohali Cricket Ground is only 24,000 !!! I guess this ground will be filled with only Politicians and VVIP !!!

Thirdly, Flight frequency to Mohali and other parts of India was less !!! And as of date, ticket rate has gone up to Rs.31,000 !!!

Fourthly, Students concession tickets of Rs.100 are now 100 times higher and reached up to Rs.10000 !!! Just click here to know detailed ticket rates !!!

Fifthly, Pakistan Prime Minister and politicians and Officials were invited which will add up to headache of security officials !!!

Last but never least, Before the start of World cup only 150 Visas were issued for Pakistanis from Indian Government !!! This 150 includes players, their relatives and some VVIP !!! But now, since Pakistan has reached Semifinal, the number of Visas are to be increased !!! Security Department is totally not satisfied with this move of Govt !!! Now people who have already visited India and who has bonafide certificate can apply for Indian Visa !!!

This Visa will be named as World cup visa and people can stay in India for the maximum duration of SIX months !!! I think this move is totally meaningless !!! Why should Govt take a decision which could weaken our security system !!! One more thing - Even if Pakistanis get Indian Visas, who is going to provide them Ticket for match !!!??? Already Tickets have been sold out for VVIP, Politicians and Bollywood personalities !!!

Hope this post had some relevant information which every Indian should know !!! Nowadays cricket is a cover by which any personnel can enter a country with ease !!! Even though our security wing is strong enough to tackle the problem, Why should we take this unnecessary Risk ?!?!!?

Finally - Is India having a Monitoring system to ensure that Pakistanis who reached India with World Cup Visa has left India ?!!?

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