Saturday, 26 April 2014

Hasta La vista!!!! A Hope of my FaMilY & FriEnDs!!!

Occupation, Studies, responsibility,etc.. these stuffs ask us to get segregated from our family, relatives & friends circle.
No matter how many continents you are far across, no matter how much days it takes to reach your mother, no matter for how many years left for your next visit.. there will be longing soul, for you. They all expect for your safe return, only your proper return i insist.

We owe for money!
We owe our career!
We owe for our happiness!
We owe for our loneliness!
We owe for our passion!
We owe our Independence!
They owe only our return!!!
I promise them i will be with them sooner.

Hasta la vista(see you later & Good bye)


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