Saturday, 20 December 2014

Are we ready to change ?!?!?!?

We all are familiar with a saying that "Change is the only thing which never changes". But how many of us are comfortable in accepting change? For an instance, if you used to wear your wrist watch on left hand everyday; can you just try it wearing on your right hand? Would you be comfortable with it? This is the power of change.

Our Government has changed. Our administration has changed. Rules and regulations have changed. But how many of us have changed ourselves to abide them.?

India is one such country where Government needs to emphasis on keeping our house and city clean. Even after several stress on this, few state governments voluntarily rejects that plea. Pathetic.. Our PM, MP, MLA, top most celebrities cleaned their area at-least a day. But what we people did??

If 120 crore people cleaned their place at-least for a day, our country would have experienced a significant difference. But we people kept on complaining and commenting the Government without putting in our efforts. Absolutely, we have no time to do so. We need a maid to clean our own room. How could we have time to clean our roads. I can hear you. My friend, keep one thing in mind - Our country would remain dirt, unless we people depend on others to clean our place.

I need a small favour from you people. At-least stop comparing our nation with developed nations unless and until you people come forward to serve our nation for its cleanliness.

I am not an economist, but I feel having a bank account is a privilege and is a need of the hour. But when a Government says that everyone should hold a bank account, we people laugh at them. Childish...

With such an advanced network system, we people can do almost all our jobs online. But due to transparency, we people prefer going with ledgers and note books. Nepotism and favourism cannot be encouraged if transparency is established. Do we welcome it? Obviously not.

One dialog I quote always. It's from a Tamil movie. "In other nations, people are bribed to do something illegal. But in India, people require bribe even to discharge their duties"

I  hope 9/10 people would agree with the above mentioned statement. And my friends, it's not someone else who receives and give bribe. It's we who do it. It's we 120 crore people.

I have seen this in our roads. Father used to go in one way, breaks traffic signals and drop child on time in school. What is the amount of discipline will the boy / girl grasp? We ourselves give a wrong message to our next generation. Ultimately,every child thinks it's father as hero.

We complain that heroes in movies are spoiling the society. Bullshit. It's just entertainment. We people are spoiling our society. Your child is going to follow you blindly than following what Khans did in their movies. They are just for 3 hours but we parents stay with our kids for entire life.

Its really shameful. Its easy putting blame on others. But the time has come to realize ourselves. If we at this moment promise to keep up with traffic regulation and maintain self discipline, our next generation would automatically follow our foot paths. I hope there is no-one in Singapore or Malaysia to teach a child, not to throw wastes on road. They don't do so because their parents don't do that or they have seen no one doing throwing waste.

We could experience a huge positive change when we "Walk the Talk".

Thank you.


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