Saturday, 2 June 2012

Enjoying work !!!

Appearance and dressing determines the ability of the man, at first instance. We could have experienced it many times in our life. When we see some well dressed people, we believe that they would deliver better.

Let me start with an easy example. We have seen many people riding bicycles in road. When we see the lower and middle class people riding, they would have a pity look over the biker or person travelling in car. But if you see a high class person riding a cycle, he just enjoys doing it. He never cares about anyone else on road.

Hence he appears to be more confident and more better rider compared to others. He becomes a point of attraction there. The same thing is evident in all the cases.

If you enjoy doing certain things, you will be the best at it. When a music student starts his class, he sings in fear. He is tensed that he should not commit any mistake and it is the reason he fails. But when he develops confidence and becomes a professional singer, he enjoys singing and hence his output would be marvellous.

Many movies like 3 Idiots and Gajni were insisting on this single point. "Do what you enjoy".

What are the advantages of doing so !?

Firstly, we begin to love our profession. We will never have time restriction to do this task. Hence, we won't be working for our supervisor / boss. We begin to work for ourselves. Hence we would deliver consistent and quality output.

This will increase our chances for promotion. Also loving your profession will never put in to small circle of promotion and increment. You get motivated by what you do, independent of promotion and increment. People around you begin to love you and take you as their role models.

Hence you become the hero of your company. What more than this you want ?!!? No tension in office means, you carry smile to home. This will also enrich your personal life.

By making one move correct, your full life is going to be perfect. By compromising on this important decision, we put ourselves in to tremendous pressure and it leads to all other problems in the World.

Select the job you love or love the job you do. This would change your approach towards life. Just make a day's trial. Feel the change and stick to this approach.

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