Monday, 28 February 2011

!!! Its Cricket Time !!!

Many people would have already discussed many things about yesterday's match (India VS England) !!! Now lets look at some reasons why India was not able to win this match !!!
BCCI is said to be the richest of all cricket boards in the World !!! But are the Indian cricket ground of International standards !?!? Hope everyone who saw yesterday's match will answer NO !!!

Cricket is a game !!! Winning and loosing never matters !!! Everything is right !!! But the game is one which should be played in right platform !!! World Cup is not a sort of game which could be played in a river bank !!! It involves Nation's prestige and dignity !!! It involves crores of money !!! Hard-work of thousands of people and of course DREAM of billions of people !!!

In yesterday's match, STRAUSS edged two deliveries from Zaheer Khan !!! Would you believe that, even Indian team members didn't appeal for it !!! The players were not able to hear the sound due to the cheer of spectators !!! It happens mostly / only in India !!! Such a rich cricket board, cannot fix this problem or what !?!? We Indians will be happy if the same would have happened to an Indian batsman !!! But now the question is this - Even the richest cricket board is not facilitating the players with right resource, then what about other games like hockey, football and Olympic games !?!?

We people just comment from our place that India is not able to get a single gold in Olympic !!! News channel comment on the personal capability of the individual !!! But its time to analyze the hidden truth behind !!! There is a grey shade in every Indian sports !!! I would even doubt that World cup team selection might have took place with some political influence !!!

Finally cricket is the game which should be played by team of 11 players !!! Not by politicians or businessmen for their personal benefit !!! Its the only game which has grown up in India and at least let this emerge out successfully !!!

We won't say India is not capable of getting back World cup after 2011 !!! But its very difficult to happen unless right team is selected by right person !!!

Lastly, Please don't feel stressed or don't blame our team if India misses a chance of winning World cup !!! Say yourself that a day will come when best of 11 players will be selected and at that time THERE IS NO STOPPING INDIANS !!!

Hope you all might not fully agree with my post !!! Its just what my perception is !!! If you like this post, do refer your friends !!! So vote in INDLI and TOPBLOGGING if you like !!!

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